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we wish we had one of these, unfortunatelly they are not for sale.

these awesome bikes were created by Alex Trochut, a lettering design for Transport for London

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is this porn


Awesome wooden type installations created by Zender for a bar/restaurant in Amsterdam. 

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Tumblr Tuesday: Typhoon Haiyan Relief Edition
Official GazetteDirect from the Office of the President of the Philippines.
UNICEFInspiring, enlightening updates from UNICEF’s humanitarian efforts around the world. Donations given now help supply health kits, hygiene kits, and clean water to affected Filipino communities.
Oxfam GBA look inside the lives of Filipino children currently living in evacuation zones. Citizens of Great Britain can donate £5 by texting DONATE to 70066.
Doctors Without BordersDocumenting their pursuit of a better cure for TB as well as their emergency responses to natural disasters. Cargo teams are currently prepping supplies to be sent to the Philippines, just one of the 60 countries Doctors Without Borders aids every year.
In Other NewsComprehensive but digestible daily round ups of what’s happening around the world. Stay updated on the most recent news from the Philippines, ways to help, and places to donate money to typhoon survivors.
For more ways to help our friends in the Philippines, look here.


photos by ivan dementievskiy in gokyo ri, in the nepalese himalayas

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We Are The Woods.


Canyon Falls ➾ Luke Gram